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In Shock

October 23, 2009

Well, I’m in shock.  The sellers have agreed to our reduced price to pay for the sewer replacement and the seismic retrofit.  Their one stipulation was: It is being sold as-is meaning we have to keep the nice table and chairs and buffet and it wouldn’t get cleaned.  Small price to pay if you ask me.

So the last (well maybe one of the last) barrier(s) stopping us from buying the house is officially hurdled!  It looks like this thing is going to happen come hell or high-water.  Craziness.

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  1. Greg permalink
    October 23, 2009 10:25 PM

    Wow. Can’t wait to see it.

    Is it on Pasadena’s list of “historical homes” or in a historical district? Might add some hoops to remodeling.

    • Alexandra permalink*
      October 24, 2009 9:18 AM

      It’s in Garfield Heights, which has it’s own historic district association. There will be some limitations to what we can legally do to the front of the house, but there are also some tax benefits. 🙂

      • Greg permalink
        October 25, 2009 3:14 PM

        I have a good friend who bought and remodeled a home in Garfield Heights. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch.

      • October 26, 2009 3:41 PM

        It would be great to hear from them. We are still unsure what all is involved in being a part of Garfield Heights.

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