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Another Day, Another Dollar (Spent)

December 2, 2009

Today we learned the importance of making sure that you and your contractor are on the same page.  Specifically, whether or not permits have been pulled for the work.  I in my naivete assumed that if you are going to do work and you are a fully licensed contractor you are going to make sure that what you do is on the up and up because you would like to keep your license.  Apparently this is just not how things are done in Los Angeles.  So, I acquired the proper permits and all is well in the world.  But one question still remains.  Why the recalcitrance? The permits aren’t that expensive, you are doing the work to code in the first place (or at least better be).  So why not just get it permitted?  Is it really worth the time you save if you get your license suspended?  If there are any contractors reading, please fill me in here.

In other parts of the house, the full extent of the damage to the subfloor around the toilet was assessed.  Not good, looks like we will be replacing a patch about 2 feet by 3 feet.  And I finally was brave enough to lift up the piece of plywood serving as the floor in the washroom.  That whole floor has to be ripped up, new joists sistered in to level the floor and a new subfloor put in.  I’m hoping my buddy who is flying in to help me work this weekend instead of partying in Vegas is up for the challenge.

The electricity is back on, the water is on, the electrician will be working this weekend to get all the electrical done.  In theory all the sewer and electrical should be wrapped up and signed off on by next Monday.

Alexandra stopped by after finishing up at school for the day, the sewer guys were just wrapping up for the day and I was wandering around in a daze.  She gave me a hug, told me it was alright and that we could do this, then helped me get the backyard cleaned up.  I felt much better as we cleaned up all the trash and junk.

Sometimes you get stuck wandering around because there is so much to do you can’t stop and make yourself just do something; but the trick is just stop staring and do something, anything!  Just work, keep moving, and for god’s sake don’t look up!

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