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Easier in SketchUp than Real-Life

December 8, 2009

I didn’t get around to posting last night but I did add the work we did under the house to the SketchUp Model.  So here are some images to maybe help clear up exactly what we did this weekend.

This first image shows what it would look like if you were standing in the backyard and suddenly the house disappeared.  The grey is the house foundation and the colored stuff is all the framing underneath the laundry room and the back bedroom’s closet.  The green is new framing, the yellow is old, but OK framing and the red is badly deteriorated framing.  The old framing is all under the closet and difficult to access, and we were concerned about the hurting the plaster in the closet.  In the end we decided to simply tie it in to the new framing rather than try to replace it all.

The old floor joists ran the entire width of the closet and laundry room; we changed the orientation as we felt that the joists could be made more secure by hanging them from the ledger attached to the house and the new beam on the outside wall.  This also allowed us to use shorter joists which made hauling them around in the station wagon and handling them much easier.

The second image is similar to the first, but the majority of the house is back on so you can see where the closet and laundry room are.  The floor of these rooms has been crosshatched for easier viewing.

We didn’t do much work last night, the electrical still hasn’t been inspected so we couldn’t work on the electrical.  We removed a few of the doors so we can work on a few projects while the floors are being refinished (hopefully starting Thursday).  My mom is flying back out tonight to help us pack and get a little work done on the house.  Our important checklist of things to get done before move-in is getting reasonably short: 1) refinish floors, 2) finish electrical, 3) install a garbage disposal so we have a working kitchen sink, 4) replace or repair the kitchen counter, 5) reinforce the floor around the toilet and install a new toilet, 6) carefully seal the toilet and bathtub so that no more water damage occurs to the floor joists, 7) Finish the back room or at a minimum find a way to seal the door so that no water can enter, 8) replace any broken windows and generally winterize the house, 9) pack and, 10) move in!  Those are the bare, absolute, necessities, there is a lot of other stuff on the wish list of things we want to have done, but these are the focal points.

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