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A Man Needs His Throne…

December 9, 2009

Since my mom came into town last night and Alex had the day relatively free and the floor will be getting refinished this weekend.  I decided to take the day off work and get some things done.  First and foremost, getting the toilet installed and water back on in the house.  Second, getting everything ready for the floor guys to work tomorrow.

After the requisite trip to the hardware store I went to work on getting the toilet installed.  I was pretty worried I would have to cut out a large section of floor and build a reinforced box of joists around the toilet due to rot.  Fortunately the floor apparently beat me to rotting and had already been replaced and joists boxed around the drain.  Admittedly this was all done very badly so I had to remove about an 8″x8″ area around the drain and put it in some blocks so that the toilet flange would have something to rest on.  Then I leveled up the floor, screwed down the flange and put on our toilet.

One thing I didn’t do was glue the flange to the drain pipe.  This was intentional as I am hoping to have enough time at some point to remove the linoleum in the bathroom and put in new flooring.  By not gluing the flange down I can simply remove the toilet and unscrew the flange from the floor.  No need to cut the pipe, add a new section, add a new flange, etc.  The only reason I was able to get away with this was I braced the drain pipe and made sure it was securely strapped so that I could be sure the pipe and flange would stay securely connected.

While I was having my adventures in the bathroom, the girls were doing a variety of jobs around the house, cleaning up the piles of trash still outside, Alexandra learned how to put together a toilet.  We all chipped in a bit to get the electrical done, and got a few switches and lights installed.  I am going back tonight to try to finish the electrical while my mom gets the house ready for the floor guys.

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  1. Old House Lover permalink
    December 11, 2009 11:11 AM

    If it’s not too late you could always put a small ribbon of plumbers putty on the end of the pipe and then push the flange down over it. It would give a temporary seal and might be a bit more stable.

  2. December 12, 2009 6:49 PM

    Thanks for the comment! That is exactly what I did. This combined with screwing the flange down has me confident in the toilet staying put and not leaking until we have a chance to change the tile.

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