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Lights, Floors, Painting!

December 12, 2009

It has been a very wet week in Pasadena.  We are having quite the rainstorm right now and it has really played havoc with our plans of getting things done this week.  Thankfully we were able to get most things outdoors that needed to get done.  My mom cleaned up the last of the junk pile in the backyard and swept and got everything ready for the rain.  Meanwhile, Alexandra and our friend Chirru, from Caltech, helped finish the electrical.  All that remains to be wired are the exterior plugs and lights which will have to wait for the rain to let up.  Finally having lights back on in the house helped to make it feel much better, and warmer despite still not having any heat.

Chirru and electric screwdriver - after a hard hours work installing electrical outlets,

The most significant ongoing project over the past few days has been refinishing the floors.  Last weekend we got a few cost estimates for refinishing all the wood floors in the house.   We decided that since the floor boards are only 3/8″ thick and were already damaged in a few places that we ought to pay someone with expertise to do the floors.   This floor probably can only be refinished once (or maybe twice) more in it’s lifetime, due to the 3/8″ thickness, so there is no room for mistakes!  The work started on the floors on Thursday and I am definitely glad I didn’t try this myself.  The floors were quickly rough sanded  and coated with wood filler skin to fill in any random holes.  This was left until Saturday to dry.  On Saturday the workers replaced wood in areas that previously were filled with ply-wood, such as in near the door in the sun room and around the heater where the old floor heater once came up through the floor.   They also replaced a few rotten, broken, and termite eaten boards.  It’s hard to describe how exciting it has been to watch the old filthy and scratched floors transform into gorgeous, smooth, light colored wood.  Of course, after a few coats of poly, they will be a few shades darker and yellower.   The following series of photos show the step by step transformation of the main room, kitchen, and sunroom.

After the first go-round of sanding the main room

Dining room after two days of sanding

When looking at these kitchen photos, note the color of the floor near the wall and cabinets.  Two days ago it all looked like that!!

The first go-round of sanding the kitchen floor

the kitchen floors after two days of sanding

And in the photos of the “Sun room”  don’t forget that it was all covered up by nasty linoleum just a few days ago, and that a 2ft by 1ft section by the door used to be filled in with plywood instead of red oak.

The repaired and sanded sunroom floors (previously under linoleum)

The picture below shows the color difference between the unsanded finish and the floor underneath.

half-sanded bedroom. Note the color difference.

In addition to the work on the floors (which we didn’t even do) I have been doing a tolerable job of finishing the wall that Spencer and I built last weekend, Alex has tried to sand, wash, and/or strip paint from the myriad shelves, drawers and doors that we’ve taken out to the garage, and my mom has been working on priming the bathroom and laundry room.  It has really helped these rooms feel fresh and like we might actually be able to live here!

Some attempts at dry-wall mudding

A cupboard door after using a heat gun to strip 4 layers of paint

second coat of primer on the bathroom walls

The first coat of primer in the laundry room

Hopefully tomorrow I will put the final coat of mud on and sand.  The floor guys won’t be in tomorrow so we are considering trying to prime the house, though the risk of getting paint on the unprotected floor is pretty scary.

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  1. spencer permalink
    December 13, 2009 10:18 AM

    House is looking good! What did the floor guy do between the kitchen and laundry room?

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