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Running Out of Time!

December 18, 2009

Things are starting to get crazy around here and we have to think very carefully about priorities at this point. Originally we had hoped to have a new countertop, and sink in the kitchen, a cleaned up bathroom, finished laundry room, and completely primed walls and ceilings throughout the house. Now, we are starting to think priorities. The floors are dry and look pretty great (pictures to follow tonight). The back bedroom had some spots where it looks like the poly may not have been mixed properly and so the floor guys are going to go over that again. They also said they would put one final coat down and buff it if after we painted and cleaned up. They definitely didn’t need to do this and have won my “Above and Beyond” contractor award simply for asking if I wanted them to.

In light of that offer, we decided that we would ignore the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room this weekend so that we can concentrate on getting the house cleaned and primed. My hope is to have it clean and ready for paint tonight then just crank out the painting on Saturday. I think we should be able to get the whole house primed and ready this weekend. Then the floor guys can come and finish up and we will be ready to move some things into the house! The kitchen, laundry, and bathroom will just have to wait until after the holidays or I will be working very late into the night next week to get them done…. We’ll see.

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