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Painting for Sanity not Beauty

December 23, 2009

We finished putting a coat of primer on basically everything in the house (except unpainted trim).  It looks pretty ugly, but it makes the house feel sterile and liveable until a more proper job can be done.  On Sunday, Chirru and Steve helped paint, and on Monday our friends Eric and Adele came over and brought Thai take-out and helped paint.  They were lifesavers as Alexandra and I are both in the throes of a serious cold that is making our lives a struggle.

The plastic has to come up and the whole house cleaned so that the floor guys can come do a final coat between Christmas and New Year’s.

While we do feel pretty guilty doing such a pathetic job painting, at least we aren’t the first.  Here you can see every paint job done on the house going back to the original yellow.   How did three paint jobs in a row manage to go unfinished???!!!  Also unlike previous paint jobs, we KNOW that we are going to fix it later…. I hope….

We should have a wonderful Christmas post with pictures of the house with painted walls and clean, unplasticed (new word) floors.  Then we are off to the great white north country for some family relaxation.  When we return the insanity begins anew as we attempt to move in and the projects start in earnest.  Hopefully from here on out most projects will end with a finished project, not battlefield surgery.

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