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Little Bits of Progress

January 12, 2010

We managed to get officially totally moved out of the old house and had it totally cleaned up on Friday.  The weekend was mostly spent in organizing the new house and trying to get things put away.  I was able to get a few little projects done, including hooking up the laundry, getting the kitchen sink to put out cold water, and most importantly cleaning up the shower!  Yay, we now can take showers!  The tub is still tilted away from the drain and it looks as though someone did a very bad job re-glazing it but it works for now.  The back room never got finished and will now have to wait it’s turn in the remodeling queue.

While the sun room got turned into an extension of the kitchen.

On the plus side I think we are getting close to the point where I can actually start working on a room and see it through to a completely remodeled state!  I am thinking the place to start is one of the closets where I can hone my skills without too much embarrassment.  To get excited about the work to come (and create some much needed storage space), we decided to paint the shelves from the closet.  Unfortunately they had that horrible self adhering shelf liner junk on them.  Fortunately we had a heat gun.  We quickly found that heat guns are pretty neat.  The liner came up and so did most of the paint.

This of course led pretty quickly to a discussion of why we shouldn’t just stain and poly the shelves since it wouldn’t be THAT much more work to finish removing all the paint…

Out came the belt sander and the rest of the paint was removed pretty quickly while Souki supervised.

Of course we now come to the point of what color do we stain the shelves?  I’m guessing we will eventually want all the wood to be uniformly colored throughout the house so we need to decide now.  Or, do I just paint it and not worry?  Decisions, decisions.

In the mean time I need to acquire yet more tools (darn).  I have decided to venture into doing my own woodwork and so am looking to build a decent little woodworking shop.  This will mean taking pretty much everything that isn’t a tool out of the garage and using it strictly as a shop (double darn).  Currently my list of tools I “need” is: miter saw, circular saw, table saw, router and table, belt sander, drill press, woodworking bench, lots and lots of clamps, and lots and lots of hand tools.  I would really like a jointer or planer as well, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  Are there any tools I missed or that I really don’t need?

Alexandra’s dad is going to be flying into town to help us out for a while at the end of the week so hopefully the pace of work (and posting to the blog) will pick up a bit!

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  1. Linda W. permalink
    January 27, 2010 6:40 AM

    Wow. What a change . . . But you covered my splendid expanding-foam repairs to the vent holes!

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