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Same old, same old

January 29, 2010

Well, my dad is heading back to Michigan tomorrow, and despite stealing our car to go off playing at the beach for the past few days, he’s still helped us make a bit more progress on the house.

If you’ve been following our bathtub saga, you’ll be glad hear that we have now refinished the bathtub itself with a special epoxy, and have re-tiled and grouted around the edges. Yay!  No more exposed, rusted iron at the bottom of the tub!  No more duct tape around the edges!  We had to go 2 full days without showers, but now everything is back to normal.  And, the shower is far more pleasant now than it ever was… despite the fact that the bathroom itself is still a huge mess…  evidenced by the lower left corner of the photo.

Some other temporary fixes that have been accomplished in the last week or so include the cabinet unit ($25 from Restore) pictured below, and the counter (Free) that isn’t actually attached to it.  Regardless, it’s great to have a work surface next to the stove, and this is our first kitchen drawer!

We continued to work on the closet shelves and kitchen cabinet doors that we had previously stripped.  All of the pieces have now been sanded to at least 220 grit, and the shelves shown below have been given a coat of polyacrylic.  Two more coats will follow tomorrow.

My dad fell in love with, and bought for us, a gorgeous slab of walnut that we’re going to use for a fireplace mantle.  We’re going to sand the edges to smooth them, but the curved, natural edge is here to stay.

We’re tentatively planning on finishing all of the walnut with “Danish Oil”  which will darken the color significantly, and give the wood some sheen.   This picture shows the variation of the natural walnut hue in the center and bottom boards, the dark danish oil on the left side, and yellowish polyacrylic coating on the right side.  Opinions, anybody?

And for good measure, here’s a better photo of those maple countertops that we purchased last week.  We had them all laid out here so that Alex could select the most damaged of the three to use as a workbench.  The two remaining boards need to be completely refinished before they can be installed in the kitchen.  Well, technically we need some cabinets to install them on first…

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  1. February 28, 2010 9:55 PM

    Maybe I’m too late to vote, but the Danish Oil finish is beautiful! My old coworker is a woodworker and loved to play with the natural edges of wood…this reminds me of him.

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