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On the Art of Epoxy Painting a Sink

February 9, 2010

If you restore your sink with epoxy paint, it is a good idea to turn the water off at the supply line, and drain the faucet. If you do not do this you may be shocked to find out that your faucet drips just enough to totally screw up the epoxy. So it looks like after this coat cures I will be giving it a light sanding and recoating. No fun at all.

We tried to go to the lumber yard last night, but it turns out that the lumber yard’s primary customers are professionals who work from 9-5. So the lumber yard closes at 5. That puts my drawer building plans on hold until this Friday when I (hopefully) have a day off from work and can go get lumber.

It is supposed to rain a bunch this week which reminds me again to look at re-roofing the garage. Unfortunately re-roofing the garage means getting on top of the garage. Getting on the garage would be tantamount to suicide right now as the structure is basically being supported by the cladding. So, I think I will work at putting in stud’s and possibly purlins and reinforcing the rafter beams. Then I want to replace the rotted siding with a pole barn type cladding called Hardie Panel (the stuff that comes in sheets) it is super durable and is basically concrete and comes in a variety of looks and finishes. Alexandra has different ideas; she wants me to replace with the original tongue and groove wood which not only will cost a small fortune, but not be as durable. The reason I am interested in using Hardie Board instead of similar T-111 plywood siding is there is basically no mudsill at the bottom of the garage. The cladding material will be in contact with the ground and so will be susceptible to insects and moisture. Since Hardie Board is a fiber cement product it will be the perfect product to use in this application. (Note: No, I don’t work for James Hardie. Yes, I am an engineer/nerd so I get excited about this sort of thing).

Other things on the to do list: pick up glass for the cracked kitchen windows and for the new cabinet doors, get straps for the water heater, get smoke detectors. We keep chugging along at a slow but steady pace. My current goal is to finish the built-in in the kitchen by March.

I know I mentioned Alexandra’s mum coming this weekend before, but I’m not sure if I said that they were going to pick ALL the colors for the house (there I wrote it down so it has to be true, right?). I’m hoping that once I see smears of color on all the walls I will be inspired to get back to my old list of things to do; repairing all the holes in the walls and painting. I said I could get one room done every 6 weeks, so I’m only about .75 rooms behind. Though that is only a half truth considering all the other stuff I’ve got done so far.

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