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February 15, 2010

Another short weekend with visitors meant I had to go out and have fun and relax instead of just work on the house all weekend (darn!)  My mother-in-law was in town, but we also met up with Alexandra’s cousin Brendan James (check him out on the iTunes store) and his wife Curry, who just moved out to Pasadena.  He is a very talented, up and coming musician and as it turns out a really cool and fun guy.  Hopefully we will be hanging out with them more.

Anyway, enough excuses.  Here’s what got done.  I rabbeted out the last two doors of the kitchen built in so that I could put glass in them.

They look pretty good, but I definitely could have done better, I used a jig to set the offset for the rabbet from the outside of the frame and it had a bit of a learning curve…  The second one is way better than the first.  But since we will be painting these, wood putty will cover a variety of sins.  The doors just need to be finished, fit, and hung and we will be in business.

I also built my first two drawers, ever!

They don’t look too bad if I do say so myself.  Everything is straight, square and flush to within about 1/64th.  I still have to put the guides, fronts, and stops on but the tricky bit is done.  Two more drawers and all the fabricating for the built-in will be done.  I’m pretty excited to get through this and I am really hoping all goes well with the much bigger, 8 inch deep drawers I will be building next.  Then I will lay my woodworking tools down for a while and concentrate on getting some rooms finished because….

Alexandra and her mom picked some colors.  They found a great cream color for the trim throughout the house.  We decided that we would paint the trim everywhere and the only things that would be stained are the fireplace and the linen closet built-in that is in the hallway.  The main room and hallway will be a creamy off-white with just a hint of green in it.   Since there is practically no wall space in the kitchen we thought we could get away with a bold color like red.

We thought yellow would really brighten up the laundry room without making it feel too small as there is a lot of beadboard which will be painted with the trim color.

The back bedroom will be blue (but not this blue as we decided it was too dark) and the front will be a slightly lighter version of the red from the kitchen.

I also made Alexandra a little Valentine’s Day gift in my woodworking shop.

It is called a bandsaw box and I made this one out of Basswood which is a very light carving wood.  It was pretty fun and turned out OK for a first attempt.  I wouldn’t say I’m proud of it, but I think I can do better ones in the future, especially if I can convince Alexandra I really need a jointer…

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