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Slacker Weekend

March 1, 2010

This weekend was another unproductive but extremely fun weekend.

Friday was spent at the horse track where I didn’t win much but Brandon and Lisa hit it big coming out $17 ahead for the day! Saturday was pouring rain but we managed to dodge clouds and go out to a nursery to check out plants.

As mentioned before we want to create a screen for the apartments behind the house. We have been planning on doing this with bamboo; while at the nursery we saw some 20 foot tall ficus trees that they were selling for $135! We are starting to think that these strategically planted trees would be more than adequate for blocking the apartments and might look much better. The ficus would also blend more with the surroundings and not create such a “wall”. Downsides are they don’t create a perfect barrier and we will get more noise and light from the apartments and the roots the ficus puts out are very shallow and could wreck any nearby structures. We are going to take delivery of the plants this weekend so we have to make the decision quick!

Sunday Alexandra studied at home while Brandon, Lisa, Brandon’s brother (a Naval Corpsman stationed at Camp Pendleton), and I went up to Santa Barbara and spent the day sailing. We had a great time and basically nothing got done on the house :).

The one thing that did get done was ripping out the old framing for the drawers in the kitchen built-in. This week I am going to fabricate new frames and finish installing the drawers (didn’t I say that last week?). We picked up some #2 pine from the lumberyard because it is about 1/5 the price of clear heartwood I feel fully justified in resawing and throwing away half of it; or more likely holding onto it and using it for random scraps and bits that just don’t matter that much. I have enough clear wood that I can get those pesky warped frames rebuilt and put away the woodwork for a while. I’m seriously thinking this weekend may be finally time to start on other projects like getting some rooms painted!

Pictures are coming soon, seriously…. honest this time!

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