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My Wife is A Slave Driver

March 7, 2010

Seriously, Alexandra has been cracking the whip this weekend.  OK, OK, she has been helping a lot too.  Actually, she’s been doing just as much of the heavy work as I have.  This has been one heck of a weekend for the exterior of our house.  We got all the rocks lined up and ready for where the raised beds will go.  We are hoping to get a truckload of dirt next weekend so that everything can get planted (yay! more back breaking labor!).

As you can see we also got rid of the table on the front porch finally.  Now the house just needs new siding, paint, the pillars on the front porch fixed… It goes on and on!  But wow what a difference from before!  We had to pick up a second load of rocks this morning.  We had our wagon filled until the suspension was just about bottomed out… and then we made some wrong turns on the way home.

In the afternoon, I went off to the lumber yard to pick up some redwood to build boxes for the bamboo.  A question.  Why would it be about 5 times as much to buy redwood from your local lumber yard by the linear foot than it is to go to Home Depot and get a bajillion dog eared fence planks?  And why can’t I just get the fence planks without the dog ear?  Does everyone have a dog ear fence?  Am I the only one that doesn’t like it? Second question.  How many pieces of fencing can you put into a station wagon before fears of damage to your suspension set in?  Answer: about 75.

Back at home Alexandra decided we really ought to try to do something with the ficus.  The question was how do you get a 300 to 400 pound box of dirt and fifteen foot tall tree one hundred feet across the yard?  The answer was slavery.  Using the same technique that the ancient egyptians used to move giant stones around, my wife forced me to build a sled and then cracked the whip as I dragged it across the yard on top of  closet hanger rods.  She may try to convince you that she was right there helping, pushing and pulling (and possibly swearing) as we dragged the thing across the yard, but trust me  it was all me.  Considering just how much the thing weighed and that it was difficult to evem tip over,  this worked relatively well and I would go so far as to say that it would be easy with a third person third person involved.  Unfortunately with only two of us it wasn’t that easy and the tree got pretty beat up.  It took two hours for us to move it about 100 ft.  Hopefully it will survive the trauma and forgive us for our transgressions against it.  We got the tree in the ground and stood up just in time for a nice sunset but too late to take a picture.  So tomorrow we will post pictures of the backyard with the new ficus and the bamboo all arranged against the back lot line.

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  1. spencer permalink
    March 8, 2010 2:58 PM

    looks great, but come on man, all that heavy lifting and you still haven’t straightened up those house numbers!

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