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It’s finally spring!

March 13, 2010

Last weekend we neglected to post photos of the ficus tree that we planted and the bamboo plants.  Well, here they are.  Hopefully the ficus will survive last week’s trauma, but I’m not expecting it to.  The bamboo are sitting in their pots awaiting the giant redwood planters that Alexander is currently building.  You can see that they don’t add much “apartment coverage” yet, but we hope that within a year or two they will be tall enough to block it all out.

In Southern California, it can be hard to differentiate between seasons, but there are some small signs, if you are looking for them.   Below are some photos that I took this morning of spring growth in our back yard.

These rose plants bloom every once in a while.  The previous owner left us about 8 rose plants, scattered around the property.

The above photo is of the apricot tree blooms.  These are some of the first, but hopefully these trees will be covered with flowers in a few more weeks.

The grass in the back yard is doing rather better than we’d like.  It’s starting to look like a field of wheat in some areas.  It is now way too tall to mow with our push lawn mower… not to say I wouldn’t enjoy watching Alexander try 🙂

Stop back tomorrow night for an update!   We are trying to finish the front yard landscaping this weekend, and Alexander bought some exciting new tools that he will want to show off.

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  1. Claire Z permalink
    March 14, 2010 6:13 AM

    Wow- the front is looking great!! And i love the bamboo trees along the back wall. I’m impressed!

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