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Outdoor Spring Cleaning

March 17, 2010

This has been quite the week for the outside of our house.  We finished filling the front garden beds with dirt and got all the big plants in the ground.  I’d say it looks pretty darn good.

It looks way better in real life than in the pictures unfortunately.

Even the backyard got some love and attention; our friend Eric came over and tore down the remaining bushes.  Unfortunately now you can see where I haven’t replaced the siding on the back porch.  You can also see just how terrible the house looks in general.  Finally, you can see the ugly little sitting area thing that is just begging to be torn down.

So that’s what we did.

You can see the Sawzall came in handy here again.  You may also notice some notches cut in the top and bottom of the corner posts.

Grabbed the ropes, gave it one good pull and…

Down it came!

We made quick work of turning it into nice firewood size pieces and cleaning up the mess.  We then spent the night enjoying a nice bonfire.

The yard and is really starting to come along to the point where I may have to put off work on the inside (again!) to finish the job and make the house look dare I say, good, from the outside.  Of course there is still a lot to be done.  The bamboo boxes still aren’t finished, and now that you can clearly see the ugly chain-link fence I really really want to put up a proper good looking wooden fence.  That is how home ownership works though.  Every project you complete makes two more projects to do.

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  1. Spencer permalink
    March 21, 2010 10:04 AM

    looking good. It’s amazing how much larger the back yard seems without the patio cover.

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