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Question: What is the Worst Fruit Ever?

March 21, 2010

Answer: Durian, but more on that later.

The bamboo finally have raised bed planters! Ok, so I only got to half of them done, but they look pretty good and will look a lot better when they are filled with dirt and bamboo.  I think the posts need a cap but I’m not sure what to cap it with.  Hopefully we’ll see some movement toward completing these this week.

There was a concrete trash burner nearby that had to go and once again our friend Eric decided to help out by destroying some stuff.  The concrete is now small enough to be hauled away; unfortunately, we have no clue where to haul it away to.  Even worse, we are really starting to accrue a large amount of stuff to throw away.

There is trash everywhere!  I can’t tell if the yard is getting better or worse.

It is amazing the amount of trash you can create just by trimming a few things.

The real highlight of the day though was our acquisition of a Durian fruit.

This fruit is very popular in Thailand and Malaysia and a few other parts of southeast Asia.  There are people that swear that this is the most delicious fruit in the world.  However, it has been banned from some hotels and public transit systems.  The reason?  It has a very “distinctive” smell.  I would describe it as a sort of rotting trash mixed with gym socks.  With a smell like that who could resist!

Eric and I had sworn we would eat some so we were stuck.  The smell only got worse after we opened up the fruit.  The meat of the fruit was white and a bit like firm custard.

But honestly, delicious is not what came to mind…  We tested some on the dog to make sure it wasn’t so bad even a dog wouldn’t eat it.   Sadly, she decided it was good, so we were next.  The verdict: it tasted better than it smelled.  That isn’t exactly bragging but I guess it is something.  I think Eric said it best, if you find yourself on a desert island in the south pacific and find a Durian tree at least you’ll know to beat yourself to death with the spiky fruit rather than attempting to live off it.

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