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Movin’ Dirt

March 28, 2010

The photo above is of the first blooms of the year on the huge pomagranate tree in our yard.  Maybe in 6 months or so we’ll have fresh pomagranates.

It certainly took long enough!  Finally, the planter boxes for the bamboo got built and filled with dirt and bamboo.  It was a great weekend for working out in the yard and things went pretty quick once the boxes were all in place and ready to get filled.  I’d say I moved about 7 cubic yards of dirt today to fill the boxes, and another 5 cubic yards last week for the front yard.  We still have about 3 yards of dirt left which will get used to fill up (more!) raised beds for Alexandra’s  vegetable garden. 

Alexandra would like the boxes to be sealed with a deck sealant so they keep their natural color.  I’m more concerned about what kind of cap to put on the posts to officially finish off this project.

Next project: putting studs in the garage so it actually has some structure and one of the very last things that was noted as needing repair on our occupancy permit.  Also, I am hoping to finally finish off the drawers in the kitchen (how long have I been saying that?!).

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