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Rants and Raves

March 30, 2010

I haven’t written a long winded rant of a blog post in a while so I thought it was time.  So here goes!

Our friends Spencer and Lindsay (the same Spencer that helped me repair the back porch) just bought a house up in Seattle and are blogging about there (mis)adventures as well!  Check them out at

A quick rant about stupidity in big box stores.  We are looking at replacing the hideous fence along the north side of our property with something a little better looking.  We are hoping to do something that reflects and reinforces the aesthetic started in the bamboo boxes.  Pleasantly enough this is a very simple and easy design which should be easy to create.  I decided to start figuring out how much the whole fence would cost. has a surprisingly robust catalog of most of their lumber products with the price listed.  This makes it relatively easy to start estimating the cost of the project.

The bamboo boxes were made from 6 foot Redwood dog eared fence boards which I had to cut the dog ears from, this is a pain and stupid, but it was really really cheap.  Each board cost about $2.  Assuming that logic and sanity existed in the world I should be able to find a similar Redwood board that is 8 feet long for about $2.70.  This being a the world of big box insanity that board is actually $16!!!  Oh, and it is only 5/8 not 3/4.  Breaking that down into a price per board foot you get a little less than $6 for the 8 foot board or $0.60 for the 6 foot board.  Just to put this all in perspective.  Home Depot sells Oak suitable for decent carpentry for $5 a board foot!  So, Home Depot is saying that I either need to build a 6 foot fence or build my fence out of Oak.  Before you think this is a pricing error, it gets crazier.  If you buy a 12 foot Redwood board it is about $15.50, cheaper than the 8 footer!

I really don’t know what to think here and I just want some darn 8 foot fence grade redwood boards for cheaper than Oak!  Currently it appears my best option is to pay out the nose for higher grade lumber at a lumber yard or resaw 2×6’s.  While resawing has the added temptation of forcing me to buy a bigger, nicer band saw, I think Alexandra might kill me.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something for less than a dollar per board foot, I just wish it wasn’t this epic struggle.  You’d think I wasn’t the first person to try to build anything other than a 6 foot tall dog eared fence.

Enough big box store trashing, let’s talk about why nothing is being done on the interior of the house.  Honestly, it is my fault; I keep making excuses for why I can’t or shouldn’t start working on stuff, but in the end it is just not wanting to pull everything out of any room that has just started to look organized and put away.  The problem is there are a bunch of projects that are already kind of ongoing, getting all the plants in the ground, getting the built-in in the kitchen done, repairing the garage, replacing the siding around the crawlspace in the laundry room, finishing off the laundry room (so it actually has a door and windows!).  I’m feeling spread thin and decided I really need to whittle that list of ongoing projects down; so here is my plan of action!  We are going to the store tonight so that I can get everything needed to build Alexandra’s planter boxes so that I will officially be done with the landscaping for a while.  Also, I will get the various items needed to finish out the laundry room, and all the lumber needed to put up the stud walls in the garage.

With a little luck I will have the raised beds for Alexandra’s garden built before the weekend, then put in the stud walls for the garage this weekend, Try to get as much done on the laundry room as possible and start really concentrating on interior work next weekend, especially getting the built-in completed.  Once all of that is out of the way I will refuse to take on any project other than getting the interior walls, ceilings and molding finished.  Then I will start looking at the windows, doors, and other woodwork throughout the house and after all that is done (in like six months) I will look at other projects.

I think this is really important to do, right now our house just feels like a half completed wreck with exposed electrical and holes all over the place.  I’m sure other projects will keep popping up, but so far I have done very little toward getting the interior finished and I think it needs to move up significantly on the priority list.  Hopefully declaring this publicly shames me into some work!

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  1. April 1, 2010 7:37 AM

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    If it’s any consolation, we just closed Monday and are already feeling overwhelmed by the number of projects. I think I’ll feel better once we have a working bathroom and ceiling in our living room (more on that later). Creating and sticking to a list really helps keep your priorities in check!

    Looking back on your blog, though, you guys have done SO MUCH in such a short amount of time – so don’t get discouraged!

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