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Back Yard Action Part 2

April 25, 2010

I never thought I would get to say this, but this weekend would have been much easier with a herd of goats.  Seriously.  The yard has been growing rapidly out of control for the last 4 months.  This weekend I managed to get a couple of yard tools and went to work trying to turn the jungle into something manageable.  On a side note, if your wife tells you that a little gardening will help your cold… she may not be telling the whole truth.

It took almost an entire day of just weed trimming to drop the level of the of grass and weeds to a reasonable height that could be managed by the lawn mower.  Then Sunday a day of mowing turned this…

Into this!

Needless to say it was pretty necessary and the yard actually looks, well like a yard.

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

With the all the trash and junk gone you can almost imagine this being a nice yard.

Alexandra’s vegetable garden is even coming along nicely, we bought paver stones and some gravel and hope to make a path around them to finish it off (and keep her from tracking mud into the house).

The garage STILL doesn’t have any studs, but for a weekend I expected to spend sitting curled up under a blanket eating noodle soup and watching tv, I think I got quite a bit accomplished.

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  1. Jess permalink
    April 26, 2010 9:56 AM

    Haha, no complaining! I spent the weekend yanking up 2 acres worth of poison ivy. Ok.. maybe only 1/3 of it was covered in poison ivy, but still.

  2. Claire Z permalink
    April 27, 2010 4:09 AM

    NOW it’s taking shape. Looking GREAT!!!

  3. Lindsay permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:17 PM

    True story: there are actually numerous companies in the Seattle area that rent out herds of goats for clearing property. They work very well in areas man or machine cannot access (like steep slopes) and love to eat stuff that’s a huge nuisance around here, like blackberry bushes, ivy, and holly. And they’re actually pretty cheap! Trust me, I fantasize about renting a few to clear our property regularly. Now just to convince Spence……

    • April 29, 2010 9:59 AM

      The goats are around here too, and I was definitely tempted to have them come out and clear our yard. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure they would go straight for the vegetable garden :(.

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