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It’s Quiet…. Too Quiet…

May 21, 2010

I know, I know, it has been wayyyy too long since my last post.  Not a whole lot has gone on with the house but we’ve been very busy.  Alexandra is preparing for her qualifying exams which are coming up on Monday.  She hasn’t been up to much other than study study study.  I have been pretty busy at work and been spending my weekends puttering.  Not a whole lot getting done and mostly minor side projects.  The bamboo boxes and Alexandra’s veggie garden have been stained.  It took a lot of different tries but we finally settled on one we really like.

We chose the one in the middle.  It is pretty close to the natural tone of the wood and really gives it a nice character.

Here the boxes are all stained.  They still need little caps on the posts but otherwise this project is complete.

The other project that got worked on was my grill.  I haven’t talked about my Big Green Egg here yet, but any of you that have visited have more than likely tried something off of this grill.  Well, the table that it rests in was getting a little rough as I hadn’t treated it when I got it and that was a year ago.  So I broke out the sanders and went to town getting it sanded down.

A couple hours later and I had the whole thing sanded down to 220 grit.  I picked out a nice dark red stain and gave it a good soak and really let the stain soak in before I rubbed it off.

A couple coats of spar varnish this weekend and this project will also be done.  Ready for some serious grilling this summer.

Next weekend I will be up visiting Spencer and Lindsay and Alexandra will be in China at a conference.  So not much is going to be happening on the house.  This weekend… I’m not really sure what is going to get done.  I may work on the windows for the garage, or I might go pick up some siding and go around and replace all the bad, broken, or missing boards on the house.  Also, Alexandra wants a micro-irrigation system installed in her garden so that may be a fun little side project.  I know we are avoiding the big work on the inside of the house but until Alexandra’s exams are done I think it is for the best.  So hopefully next month look for some big exciting changes!

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