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August 24, 2010

Hello again!

We didn’t do much last weekend (my mom was in town), but I’ve been doing a bit of gardening each week, and this seems like a good time to post some photos.  The first two photos show the flower beds in the front yard.  Plants include:  New Zealand flax, fountain grass, ice-plant, mint, lemongrass (thai food!) rosemary, and a bunch of other stuff….    My long term goal is to have this area overflowing with low water-use plants!  While the garden is well on its way, all of the plants are young right now, and still need to be watered daily.

I planted artichokes in the vegetable garden in the back yard.  Well, it turns out you have to pick them before they bloom…  But I’m glad I let it bloom;  artichoke flowers are gorgeous!  In the next photo is a young pomegranate growing on our pomegranate tree.  It’s the only pomegranate on the entire 20ft tall tree!!!  At least we now know that it is capable of producing fruit.  It will be getting a lot of fertilizer this fall.  The third picture shows some young lemon grass.  I bought single lemongrass stems from the refrigerated section of an asian grocery store, and then I put them in a glass of water until they sprouted roots.  Since being planted in my garden, they’ve sprouted more stalks and lots of healthy leaves.  In a few more months they will probably be 3 ft tall and 2 ft wide!

On sunday night we got bored and started talking about our future backyard patio.   We’ve self-imposed a price limit of $1.50 a sq ft, which is insanely cheap.  It’s do-able if you mix your own concrete, pour your own pavers, and install them yourself.  Here’s the plan:  it costs $350 to have 6 cubic yards of sand/gravel mix delivered to our house, $150 for 20 bags of portland cement, and $200 for a powered cement-mixer which we can resell on craigslist.   We can build molds using plywood and 2x4s and then we’ll pour a few pavers each weekend until we have enough.  We have 300 sq ft of space to cover with pavers (not including potential paths around the yard) so it’s probably going to be a long term project.  Anyway, here’s our first attempt.  This is 2ft by 1ft by 2 inches and was made using quicrete mix.  It’s not perfect, but we’ll get better as we go.

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  1. Jess permalink
    August 26, 2010 9:07 AM

    looking good! you guys need to post some pics of the inside. havnt seen anything there since the beginning of the year. even if there hasnt been much done there yet, i wanna see you living room and bedoom and kitchen and such with ur stuff in it. 🙂

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