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Finally painting!

September 7, 2010

It’s been more than 8 months since we moved into this house, and we are finally, FINALLY starting to paint the inside.

We chose our bedroom as a starting point and we chose Labor day weekend as a start date.  We’ve now been working on it for about 4 days straight, and we still haven’t actually painted the walls!  Painting a room in an old, neglected house is a surprising amount of work.  I’ll list everything that had to be done before painting:

  1. Patch huge, deep holes with multiple layers of patching compound
  2. Remove doors and all of the door hardware.
  3. Remove trim holding windows up, take out windows and remove hardware
  4. Bring all the old brass-plated door and window hardware to a refinishing shop and pay a bunch of money to have them stripped, sand-blasted, polished, re-plated, and “antiqued”
  5. Use wood putty to fill numerous holes in wood trim, doors, and windows
  6. Spend 10+ hours sanding the plaster walls.  This included ripping out plaster in one corner and removing various previous, poor patching jobs that looked like hell.
  7. Spend another 10 hours using patching compound to fill over 100 holes in the plaster, which ranged from little nicks to cracks to large depressions.  I also had to learn how to use a corner trowel to re-plaster one entire corner of the room
  8. Re-sand all of the patched places
  9. Vacuum and wipe all surfaces
  10. Caulk cracks along baseboard and window trim
  11. Realize that one of the sash-ropes for the double-hung windows was broken, remove molding around that window, pull out the old weight (along with some dead plants), borrow new rope from neighbor, re-hang the weight, replace the trim, and re-caulk.
  12. Sand windows, scrape old paint off the glass, and tape the edges of the glass.  We also had to sand the little pieces of trim that we removed with all of the windows.
  13. Sand doors
  14. Sand, prime, and paint brand new crown molding and shoe molding.
  15. Prime patched spots on the walls, two times
  16. Paint ceiling with a flat trim color, 2x
  17. Paint baseboards and molding around door with semi-gloss trim color, 2x

Despite all that work, we still have a lot to do!  The list for this week is:

  1. Paint the un-installed windows and molding around the windows, and those little pieces of trim that we removed (2x)
  2. Paint the doors (2x)
  3. Finally paint the walls!!!! And then paint the walls again!!!
  4. Install crown molding and shoe molding, and caulk any cracks
  5. Re-install doors, windows, and hardware
  6. Install switch plates and electrical outlet plates
  7. Move back in and revel in the cleanliness and the straight, even lines !!

Here are a few pictures from last weekend.  We’ll post pictures of the finished room this coming weekend.

Alex sanding the walls.  The brown areas are the remnants of a giant patch job from a long time ago.  I did my best to fix it up, after Alex had at it with the orbital sander.

This is the (cast iron?) weight that attaches to the double hung windows.  The rope had snapped… looks like it was chewed by something once.

Yes, we still slept in here, despite the mess.  Why?  Well, we only have one AC unit, and it happens to be in this bedroom.

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