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Gearing up for another project

September 19, 2010

We’re prepping the main room (dining/living room) for painting.  So far, we’ve moved some furniture and put some plastic on the floor.  It might be a month before we actually get this area painted, as there are a few big-ticket items that need to be accomplished before painting;  We need to buy, paint, and install a new entry door, and we need to refinish and assemble the walnut fireplace facade that my dad started last January.

Here’s an example of an old, bad patch job.  It’s like this along the entire length of the door-jam.  This will have to be broken loose and re-patched from scratch.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems like this that will need fixing before we paint.

This weekend,  while I taped plastic to the living room floor, Alex was busy trying to re-install our bedroom door with the refinished hardware.  The problem:  it didn’t fit anymore.  He actually took a saw to the door to cut it down to the right size.  Here’s a picture:

I’ll post some final bedroom photos later this week when the door is reinstalled.  We haven’t agreed on window coverings yet, although we’re leaning towards wooden blinds like these ones.  Note: this is not a photo of our house.

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