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Main Room Nearing Completion

November 2, 2010

The main room is about 90% complete at this point.  We need to finish painting loose trim pieces, windows and shoe molding and then install everything, but that is really all that there is left to do.  We are super excited to get the room done in time for some relaxation over the holidays.  I am still searching for the correct gas fireplace insert that will work in our current fireplace, but I am quickly becoming worried it simply doesn’t exist :(.  Hopefully I will figure something out so we don’t have to live with just candles or an electric fireplace (shudder).

As a followup from my last post, here are a few pictures of the main room ready for painting the walls.  The main trim is all painted taped off, ready to go!

The windows are all out of their frames so they can be painted separately.

A quick break for me to make some Kung Pao Chicken for dinner and…

All done!  Ok, so not quite done. The walls got a couple coats of paint but the windows are still out and everything is still covered with plastic and a huge mess.

But the difference in how the room looks and feels is pretty impressive!

A few things we learned from painting this time around.  First, roller cover quality matters!!! I’ve been using the cheap roller covers and in this room switched to Purdy White Dove covers.  They are still a synthetic and still relatively cheap ($11 for a 3 pack I think) but man are they a huge step up in painting quality.  Little to no splatter when rolling, they load and unload very nicely with little waste and great coverage.  I have to admit I was really shocked at the difference.  I still haven’t tried the actual lamb’s wool covers and probably never will as they are very expensive and a lot of work to keep nice.  Second lesson, any and all water based priming products are a joke.  If you have any sort of water stain (brown stuff leaching through the paint) or dark colors, buy an oil based primer!  We were having problems with water stain on some of the windows, until we used some oil based primer.  It really worked well and I think I will be using it on all the wood from now on.

Next post will (hopefully) be the room all put back together!  I think we are both really really looking forward to having the construction work out of our main living area for a while.

On a rather separate note, I am trying to figure out lighting in the house and am having a very hard time figuring it out.  Does anyone know anything about lighting?  Or know anyone in LA who could help us?  Otherwise I’ll probably end up with about 3 times as much lighting as I need in one room and half what I need in another.  Also, I will be trying to update more regularly (I swear!) so check back often!

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  1. November 2, 2010 10:19 AM

    Soooo what you’re saying is you guys need to pick a weekend Spence and I can fly down there…. He knows lighting! Well, enough to wire our living room, garage, basement, and dining area so far without killing himself or burning the house down.

    The paint job looks great, coincidentally we are painting our living room in the next day or two a nearly identical color!

  2. November 2, 2010 10:23 AM

    Well, what I’m really looking for is someone to tell me where the lights are supposed to go. But ya, I think you guys need to come down for a weekend (or week!) and help us with stuff. Roofing the garage and electrical included!

  3. spencer permalink
    November 5, 2010 12:50 PM

    Yeah, we set our standards low in our house. I haven’t burnt anything down or killed myself yet so I must be doing a good job.

    as to the lighting, you only need two can’s per bedroom and probably 8 in your main living area. 2 more in the kitchen and 2 in the fridge room.

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