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Craiglisting Like Crazy

January 11, 2011

Sorry for yet another long delay.  We haven’t done much on the house over the holidays.  Between having visitors and going home to Michigan for a couple weeks, the house was low on our priority list.

Before going home for the holidays, we converted the 2nd bedroom into a workshop of sorts.  We are using it to sand and paint doors and shelves and other misc. items.  Eventually we’ll start working on the walls and windows in this room too.


Since returning to Pasadena, I have been browsing Craigslist daily for the same few items.

  1. Flagstone
  2. Pottery barn sofa
  3. Slide-in gas range
  4. Stainless refrigerator

Before we remodel, we need to have appliances purchased, so that we know what dimensions we’re working with.  Hence, the range and fridge.  I’ll also be looking for an apron / farmhouse style ceramic sink soon, as well as dishwasher.  This weekend we succeeded in finding a 4 year old, Dacor range at about 1/5th of the normal price.   We picked it up from some people out near LAX last weekend.

The next thing we checked off of our list was flagstone.   I’ve been checking Craigslist on a daily basis for  months for enough cheap flagstone for a large patio.   Someone over in Eagle rock was tearing up a 20’x20′ patio, and posted the used flagstone on Craigslist for a steal.  I had to hire some guys with a big flatbed truck to haul the stone for me…. but all-in-all the price was still good.  I also picked up a few pavers for my garden.

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