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Back Bedroom Sprint: continued

February 11, 2011

This is the first evening all week that we ended work on the back bedroom before 11pm.  It’s only 10:30pm right now, so it seems like a good time to write a quick post.

Finishing this bedroom involved all of the same steps that the other two rooms required:

  • Sand walls, baseboard, windows and door trim very thoroughly
  • Skim-coat every inch of walls with dry-wall mud
  • Fill holes in wood trim with wood-putty
  • Sand mud and putty
  • prime and paint walls and trim

In this bedroom, the ceiling was in pretty bad shape, so we decided to put up drywall over the old plaster.  Hanging dry-wall was more involved than we anticipated; it took a half day to hang it (with hours of help from a friend!) and another half day mudding the joints, and an evening of sanding the mud.  The photo below shows how happy Alex was when he finished sanding the ceiling.

We used the same beige/green color as the living room.  I wanted green paint, but we couldn’t agree on a green, so this was our “compromise color.”  We finished painting tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll pull off the painter’s tape and put the windows back in.

Tune in soon for more photos!   This weekend we’re planning on re-roofing our garage with our friends Spencer and Lindsay who are flying out from Seattle to help.

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