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A Homebloggers Valentines, Or How To Roof In the Dark

February 15, 2011

First, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you Spencer and Lindsay!  We owe you guys so much it isn’t even funny.  We got pretty much the entire back of the roof done on Sunday and it looks great.  So, Monday I took off early from work and started on the front.  We laid about half the roof before it had gotten dark.  Then, shortly after it got dark (right around when these pictures were taken) we realized we had somehow very much underestimated the amount of shingle we needed.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “why are they going to all this trouble?  Just wait until next weekend.”  Unfortunately it was supposed to rain Wednesday so the luxury of roofing in daylight wasn’t really available to us.


So, off we went to Home Depot by way of a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at In-N-Out.  I officially decided that I will do all my Home Depot shopping at 7pm on Valentine’s Day.  It was completely empty and made grabbing a few more packs of shingles a 10 minute exercise.  Unfortunately, it being 7pm on Valentine’s Day, with the prospect of a night another couple hours of roofing ahead of me, my brain wasn’t exactly in high gear.  So I grabbed two packs of shingles and we went on our merry way.  About 1 row into the new shingles we realized just how stupid of an estimate that was.  We really needed to have grabbed four packs of shingle.

Alexandra being the trooper she is, went back to the store to pick up more shingle while I cleaned up for the night, the theory being that I would finish up in the morning.  Unfortunately, I woke up to this:

Yes, that is rain, yes it had started raining a full 24 hours ahead of schedule and yes, I was rather unhappy to be up on the roof.  I took the leftover tar paper and stapled it over the unfinished section of roof and then finished off the one area left with some plastic sheeting.  Everything got stapled down nicely and I guess that is the way it will stay until it warms up and dries out.  Then I will have to take all the temporary tar paper and plastic off, and pull up all the staples and use roofing tar to cover the staple holes and finish the roof.

All in all I would call this project a success, but only because Spence and Lindsay are so super awesome and hardcore.  Think about it, do you have any friends that will fly half way across the country to help you re-roof a garage?

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  1. Kristin permalink
    February 21, 2011 11:20 AM

    You guys have done an amazing job on your house. I met Alex when he came up to Seattle and brewed with Splinds (its okay if you don’t remember me). You have given me another blog to read in all my spare time. After reading this entire blog my comments are mostly “WOW” and a lot of “WHOA” and lastly, “my dad loves having clover instead of grass, it doesn’t grow as fast and is always green”

    Good luck with your house renovations and moving forward with your new neighborhood. If you ever make it up to Seattle again, maybe I can meet the other Alex and complete the pair.


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