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Collecting Kitchen Appliances

March 25, 2011

Before we remodel our kitchen we have to collect all of the appliances and fixtures.  As we do not have a budget to accommodate $2000-a-pop appliances, we’ve been using for all of our purchases.

We knew that we wanted an Ikea Apron/farmhouse style sink.  It has been on my list of items to check Craigslist for periodically.  I finally lucked out, and found the exact sink, brand new, for half Ikea’s price.  Here’s a picture of the sink:

We’ve also been on the prowl for a nice-looking stainless refrigerator to replace our 10 year old, white, top-freezer fridge.  A few weeks ago, after we were already in bed, I found a high-end, stainless fridge on Craigslist for $100,  listed as not working properly.  I called the seller (in my pajamas still), and was told that we would have to pick  up the fridge that night if we wanted to buy it, as someone else was planning on coming to buy it the next day.  We hopped out of bed, measured our car to make sure that we could fit a fridge inside, and drove off.  Everything went well, and we were home by 11pm with a beautiful, but not operable, Electrolux refrigerator.

It has been two weeks since then, and the fridge is  fixed, and in our kitchen getting colder by the minute.  Alex had to buy a new evaporator fan, control-board, water filter, and a set of tapping tools to fix the door bracket, which was stripped.  Despite all the work, tt would seem that so far, all of our attempts to be frugal have paid off.

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