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Kitchen Designs

April 7, 2011

Even though we haven’t been doing a lot of big projects lately, we have been thinking about and planning for the really big projects.

Our biggest future project is going to be remodeling the kitchen.  This will involve tearing out two walls, all of the original cabinetry, dry walling the walls and ceilings, installing new cabinets, counters, and tile backsplash.   It’s a big project, and we’re going to source most of it out to contractors.   The biggest/most expensive part of this project is obviously going to be the cabinetry.  Here are some photos to remind you of what the current kitchen layout is:

We’re looking into two different options:  Custom cabinetry, and pre-built cabinets with a big-box store.  In the last week, we have met twice with the owner of a custom cabinet shop.  Sometime soon he should get back to us with a design and a price.  We’ve also met twice with a salesperson at Lowe’s to build up a computer model of what our kitchen would look like if we buy their “KraftMaid” cabinets.

Some images of the Lowe’s kitchen design are shown below.  We’ve already decided on shaker style cabinets with a white or off-white paint, keeping with the style of the original kitchen.  We also already have the butcher block counters, and the apron-style sink.  The rest of the design is up in the air.  Our main goal is to maximize our counter space, and have the kitchen open to the rest of the house, since Alex doesn’t like being alone when he cooks.   If we’re lucky and if we move fast enough, we might have a new kitchen this spring!

Above:  Top down view, the dining room is below the kitchen, and the backyard is at the top.  To the left of the kitchen is a “breakfast nook” room which will have a door to the backyard.

Above:  View of the kitchen from the dining room and living room.

Below:  View from inside the kitchen.

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  1. Jess permalink
    April 11, 2011 4:05 AM

    Looks good! I like it.
    Unless you have something else in mind for it, I would make sure to put some shelves on that short wall (on the right when facing it from the living/dining room). You may already have some there that aren’t drawn in or something else, but I’d make sure to make use of that space in some way.
    Will the cabinets actually be all the way up touching the ceiling as shown?

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