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Vegetable Garden Reconstruction

April 24, 2011

Of all of our early house projects, the vegetable garden was probably the most ill conceived.  We made two mistakes;  the first was to block mower access to the areas alongside the garden by building a compost heap.  The second error was not using weed barrier under the gravel paths.  We also never finished laying the gravel and pavers, as you can see below.  The result was an overwhelming amount of clover growing both in the garden beds, in the paths, and all around the garden up to heights of a couple of feet.

Thus, our first spring project was to reconstruct the garden.  We began by paying our neighbor to first remove the compost heap, rose bushes, and trash alongside the garden, and then roto-till that area.  The next step was to remove the gravel and pavers that we laid previously.

After we removed the old material, we leveled all of the paths this time, laid down weed barrier, and then set out all of the paving stones.

The toughest part of this job was getting the gravel/rock.  It turns out we needed about 2000 lbs of the stuff, which required us to rent a truck from Home Depot and buy gravel in 1000 lb bags.  After two full days of hard work, the garden paths are finished, again.  See below.

We started on a second project this weekend too.  The wall shown below is 12 x 45 feet and very ugly! It is the backside of a parking structure, and forms about 1/4 of our backyard property line.   Our plan is to paint it, hang trellises, and plant jasmine vines to cover it up.   Alex managed to get a first coat of paint on today with a sprayer.  Next weekend we’ll apply another coat of paint, and build the trellises.

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