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Kitchen Renovation: Week 2

June 12, 2011

It may not be very noticeable when you walk into our kitchen, but there’s actually a chimney in one corner.  We’re not sure what it was originally used for (presumably a heating system of some sort), but it’s definitely not useful anymore.  Plus, it was blocking a corner of the kitchen that is just perfect for a small pantry.  Thus, it needed to be removed.

Unfortunately, the chimney extended all the way up through the attic.  It took us two days to take it apart, brick by brick, beginning in the attic, and working down through the kitchen floor.

And the chimney is gone!  What you see behind it is the lathe to which the plaster is attached.  We’re disposing of the bricks via Craigslist.    Stay tuned for next weekend!  By then, the entire wall separating the dining room and kitchen should be gone too.

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