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Kitchen Renovation: Week 4

June 27, 2011

The demolition phase is nearly over; only a ceiling remains to be torn out.  We’re surviving quite well with only a microwave a grill, and using the bathroom sink to do dishes.  Probably the most annoying thing at this point is the fact that the fridge is still in the kitchen, so we track dust into the rest of the house every time we go to get food or ice.

The photo below shows the current state of the kitchen.  If you are disoriented, the sink would have been right in the center of the photo.  The remaining studs will be removed after Alex does a bit of structural reinforcement in the attic to make sure the ceilings don’t fall in.  But, for that, we need a permit, and to get a permit, Alex has to skip half a day of work to go to the permitting office.

This is the cabinet arrangement/design that we decided on.  Of course, all of the drawer and door pulls are wrong in this photo, and the tile back-splash isn’t shown, but you get the idea.  The only major change since our original design is that we replaced the cupboards facing the dining room with a bar area for seating.

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