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Kitchen Renovation: Week 5

July 12, 2011

Alex took a half day off work and finally got a permit for removing the walls in the kitchen.  It’s about time!  This was his fourth try.  This weekend Alex will install new beams across the kitchen ceiling, and then remove the remaining wood studs forming the walls.  We’ll be crossing our fingers and hoping that nothing collapses…

And the more exciting news:  the cabinets arrived today!  The boxes are much larger than we expected, and most of them won’t fit where we planned to put them in the 2nd bedroom.  Everything is now inside the house in various rooms.  We are now slowly unpacking each box, checking for defects, and then trying to consolidate things so that we can still move around our house.  Here are some pictures of the boxes’ arrival, and the various stacks of boxes currently in our house.

The cabinets arrive!

That’s our table sitting sideways in front of Alex.  It doesn’t fit in the dining room anymore…

Some of the boxes fit into the second bedroom, but not as many as we’d hoped.

This box wouldn’t even fit through the front door.

Stay tuned for the exciting structural work coming this weekend!  Highlights will (hopefully) include sawz-alling ceiling joists, lifting a 10 foot beam up into the attic, and the suspenseful removal of semi-structural walls!

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