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Mid-Week Kitchen Update

July 14, 2011


Despite Alexandra’s wild claims to the contrary, we did actually fit every single cabinet in it’s shipping box into the back bedroom, except the one that wouldn’t fit in the front door… That one is sadly stuck in the dining room. In other exciting news, our contractor started work yesterday and should be cranking out the electrical work needed in a week or so; however, he had a few pieces of bad news. First, according to the building code the kitchen was going to require nine circuits, which, in case you don’t know, is kinda a lot. So, we will have to have a subpanel installed to make enough room. Second, the one wall we had left intact in the kitchen would have to come down because it would be easier to tear it down and redo it rather than trying to do the work needed with it in place. So last night I tore out the wall, shown on the right below.  The new framing in the center of the photo is where the door to our laundry room used to be.

Anyway, progress is slowly but surely being made, and hopefully we will actually start building stuff instead of just wrecking things soon.

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