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Door Rebuilding

August 15, 2011

In the kitchen we are replacing the side door and adding a door to what will eventually be the deck. The current side door is 33″ wide which is a very unusual size for a door so we decided to reduce the size to 32″ which is a standard size. This involved removing the door jamb (frame) and all the trim on the interior and exterior, then removing the top jamb from the side jambs, removing the screen door stop from the top jamb, trimming the top jamb down, trimming the screen door stop down, stripping the old paint off everything, repairing it all with wood filler then nailing everything back together again.

The 36″ door required a new jamb to be constructed. I chose to reuse parts from the old jambs we had already removed because it would be less work. This jamb required essentially the same steps as the other jamb. I spent the weekend working on the two jambs and got them done around 8pm last night. Hopefully today our contractor will be putting at least one door in so that I will have something to show you tomorrow!

We are getting very very close to being able to have an inspector come in and getting signed off to close up the walls (or remove a bunch of work and redo it).

The last really big question (and cost) up in the air is, what are we going to do about the floor? No matter what, it won’t be cheap, but hopefully we can make something work that looks great and is reasonable in cost.

Anyway, stay tuned I think things are accelerating!

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