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Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2011

It has been 3 months since we “moved out” of our kitchen.  I’ve given up all serious hope of ever having a kitchen again, and I’ve settled grudgingly into life without one.  To make things a bit easier, we  bought a toaster oven (our first one ever!), which has revolutionized our cooking capabilities.  Check out this home made pizza!  It’s square, for maximum efficiency, and the toppings are goat cheese, artichoke chicken sausages, and cherry tomatoes from our garden.

Despite the heat this weekend, we managed to do quite a bit.  We built a fence, planted a new garden bed, built a small staircase, fixed the linen closet (again), built new garage doors, and tried to build window screens (but mostly failed).

You can see from the photo why we wanted a new fence.  We opted for lightweight fence panels that could be hung from the existing chain-link fence, since we didn’t want to put in all new posts for a “real” wooden fence.

Here’s a picture of the same place with the new fence.  We built the panels out of 16ft sections of reed fencing, which we framed with stained redwood.  Building the panels was easy (staple gun!), but wiring them onto the chain-link fence was somewhat painful, especially out in the hot sun.

The next day, I planted shrubs, ornamental grasses, and a small tree along the side of the fence, and then put down a thick layer of mulch.

Alex built the two barn-style doors shown below.  They are identical to the doors that are currently on the garage, except that they aren’t falling apart.  In the meantime, I started the satisfying process of scraping paint off of the siding on the front of the garage.  Sometime soon we will paint the entire side of the garage facing the road.  The other sides of the garage have bigger issues that we need to deal with, before scraping and painting.

Soon, these stairs will lead to the entrance to our kitchen.  However, until the door gets framed and installed, they are pretty useless.  Eventually, we plan to build a deck here, so these stairs are only temporary.

As for the kitchen; our contractor has finished up all of the rough work, and just put in some blocking (shown below) for hanging cabinets.  Next week the drywall is going up (yay!) and then the floor needs to be patched in some places.  Then… maybe… eventually…  the cabinets will get installed.

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