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Side-Tracked from Kitchen Work

November 15, 2011


We ran out of things that we could work on in the kitchen concurrently with our contractor, so, we started a new project:  Painting the hallway!  The hallway is a small space to paint, but the old paint was cracked and shrunken, so we had to skim coat the walls with plaster, sand, recoat, sand, etc.  There are also four door frames to deal with in this little space, which means a lot of time-consuming painting with a small brush.  The photo below shows the original state of the hallway.  We should finish this by the weekend.

We also spent a lot of time cooking last weekend.  How do we cook without a kitchen,  you ask?  A hot pot of course!  We made Chinese-style hot-pot, which consists of spicy broth and a delicious selection of vegetables, meats, and tofu.  This is by far the yummiest (and healthiest!) meal that we can make at home with no kitchen.

Okay, I lied a little.  We actually have been plugging away at some kitchen related tasks.  Mostly this has involved glazing windows, and painting, painting, painting.  The windows and the removable bits of trim had to be painted, as well as the beadboard siding (below) for some of the cabinets.  Alex had to custom make these pieces, as well as a piece of trim to fit above the refrigerator.

In other news, the upper cabinets were hung today by our contractor.  They look awesome, and really help the whole kitchen layout come together!  Here’s a preview below, but I’ll post some better photos of them tomorrow.

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