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November 19, 2011

We have so many photos that I have to resort to an image gallery for this post!

We finished painting the hallway, which is shown in the first photo.  The last remaining rooms to paint will be the closets and the bathroom.  The bathroom needs new some walls and a new ceiling first though..

Our contractor cut the butcher block counters to size on Friday.  See photos 2-4.

Our goal for the weekend is to sand the counters with 220 and 320 grit paper, router the edges, and apply multiple coats of mineral oil on all sides.  The mineral oil is a regular part of the upkeep of butcher block counters, but I think the extra work will be well worth it; the final finish is gorgeous!  The last photo (bottom right) shows a comparison of the unfinished counter and the oiled counter on top of that.  The oil gives the wood a really nice, deep, honey-colored glow.

Next week the counters will be bolted down, and we will finally install the sink and oven, just in time for Thanksgiving.  The bar side of the peninsula also needs to be built next week.  After the bar is in, the tile backsplash should be the next step.

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