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Plumb Crazy

November 23, 2011

These pictures are now a few days old, but I’ve been busy so it’s not my fault, honest!  Our contractor worked all day Monday to get the counters screwed in place and man do they ever look amazing!

You can see in the pictures that while the finish on the counters is pretty darn perfect, the wood itself isn’t.  There are gouges and burn marks and filled holes that speak of the history of these beautiful pieces of reclaimed butcher block we used.  I really really love the way these turned out, and have decided I definitely would not have liked brand new wood.  Just looking at the pieces you can tell they are old and the patina of use really fits well with the rest of our house and gives the kitchen just enough connection to the past.  Another benefit is each strip of wood that makes up the counters is continuous, there are no finger joints, this would be both nearly impossible and/or prohibitively expensive to do today since the materials just don’t exist.  So, I am pleased we picked these counters up (two years ago!!!) and basically designed the kitchen around them.  In fact, the only regret I have is that we only bought 3 slabs…

Other progress that was made, the vent hood got installed on Sunday night and as you can see in the photos below,  it looks great, the bar isn’t done yet, still a fair bit of work there, and then we come to Monday night and Tuesday night…

I don’t have pictures of all this, but I will take some tonight I promise.  We decided a long time ago that to go with our butcher block we needed a big farmhouse sink.  Back in March we found one, and boy is it ever huge and heavy.  Alexandra and I pulled it out of deep storage in the garden shed, cleaned it up and then decided to use it for weightlifting exercises.   I think we lifted that sink in and out of its’ cutout at least a half dozen times.  There were a variety of problems and pieces of the sink cabinet which needed to be modified.  Finally, Tuesday night we got it to fit nicely, and just in time as I think Alexandra was about done helping me lift it in and out.  So, we laid a bead of silicone and dropped it in place and it looks super amazing.  I got the waste lines all hooked up got the faucet installed and was ready to get the water lines hooked up when I found out I had gotten the wrong valves.  Of course by this time of the evening no stores were open so I gave up on having a working sink.

Well, I really wanted SOMETHING working so I decided to pull out the range and install it.  We brought it inside and then realized somewhere along the line the gas line got lost… At this point I decided the gods must be against me so we gave up and went to bed for the night hoping for better luck next time.

So, here I am, day before Thanksgiving, hoping I get things hooked up tonight otherwise it will be a very interesting Thanksgiving dinner.  On the plus side, 95% of the work is done so things should go smoothly, I’m sure they won’t, but they should.

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