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Project Fireplace

November 28, 2011

About two years ago, Alexandra’s dad came out after we had just moved in.  He decided our very ugly fireplace needed a bit of help.  So he built us a beautiful walnut facia to cover the ugly painted brick with the assumption that we would be able to easily find a gas fireplace insert to slip into the existing space.

Weeelllllll, of course life can’t be that easy!  So, we searched and searched and came to the conclusion that a gas insert that would fit just didn’t exist.  So, when Alexandra’s dad came out for Thanksgiving we decided to get our act together and buy a fireplace insert so we could finally get the fireplace looking nice.   So, what did we do?  Alexandra’s dad tore out the brick, plaster and lathe and the inevitable stud that was right where the vent had to go through the wall.  Meanwhile I built a new wooden frame for the fireplace.

After putting some bracing and stuff in the walls we put a piece of drywall over the huge hole and did a bit of mudding. The frame I had built was shockingly square and level with only the addition of a few shims.

A trip under the house to hook up gas lines and a few shims later… We had a working fireplace!

Alexandra’s dad will be working on the facia of it tomorrow and after some finishing we should have a finished fireplace!

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  1. Lindsay permalink
    November 28, 2011 10:43 PM

    There’s a chance we’ll recruit you to do the exact same thing in Seattle at some point. Glad you’ve gotten a practice round in.

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