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2 Year Anniversary

November 30, 2011

As of today, we have officially owned our little bungalow in Pasadena for two years!  As much work as we’ve done in that time, it’s kinda scary how much we still have to do.  Below are a few “before and after” photos that give a general idea of what we’ve accomplished over the last two years, and what still needs doing.

Front of the house.  Finished: garden beds.  Remaining:  Re-pour concrete pillars, install sprinklers and plant grass, paint exterior.

Backyard.  Finished: bamboo planters, trellises, raised garden beds.   Remaining: Sprinklers and grass, patio

Front Bedroom.   Everything is finished except the closet.

Back Bedroom.  Same as the front bedroom.  The closet still needs work.

Kitchen.  Finished: The original kitchen including walls and ceiling was removed, new electrical and new drywall installed, floors refinished, new cabinets, new counters, and new appliances and lighting fixtures installed.   Remaining:  Tile backsplash, bar-height counter, seal wood counters, install dishwasher, install molding and trim, install knobs and drawer pulls.

Back of the house.  Finished:  Door installed in place of a window.   Remaining:  Rebuild/restore laundry room, convert laundry room into 2nd bathroom, rehab garage, build deck off of the kitchen, paint exterior!

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