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Pasadena Hurricane Season

December 1, 2011

Well, last night was quite an exciting time for us.  Pasadena had a big wind storm which packed winds gusting up to 80mph doing extensive damage throughout the city.  The picture below is near the train station I take to work.  A tree fell and completely blocked the road.  Across the road another tree had also uprooted and torn out a couple parking meters.  The damage done by all that wind was very impressive.


This is our front yard littered with a nice even layer of branches, it doesn’t look too bad until you realize the green in the pictures isn’t actually our grass but all the leaves from the tree.  We ended up with a huge pile of brush and palm fronds, which are deadly horrifying weapons by the way.  You can see them near the truck in the picture below.  They are actually pretty big, about four to six feet long and weigh a good couple pounds.  Last night I was outside cleaning up and getting everything as secure as I could and found myself almost getting speared by palm fronds rocketing out of the sky.  A strong breeze would tear the fronds off and then they would fly around 100 feet or more up in the air until the wind died, then come flying down to earth like missiles, the frondy bits acting like a tail.  It was really quite scary.


One big branch that came down in the back yard.  You can also see the poor pomegranate tree behind the hammock which had all its leaves yesterday and now is basically bare.


All very exciting stuff, but thankfully no serious damage to our property.  a whole lot of other people weren’t so lucky though.  The wind is supposed to be even worse tonight, but we are flying out of town for the weekend so will miss it.  Hopefully everything goes ok in our absence.

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  1. Jess permalink
    December 5, 2011 4:50 AM

    yikes! Glad to see that you all came through it alright!

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