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Garage Revamp

January 8, 2012

We just had another 3-day weekend and we’ve made the most of it!

Kitchen update: We had to “move out” of the kitchen again to seal the counters with Waterlox.  Applying Waterlox is a minimum of a 5 day process, followed by a week of drying, and then two more weeks of “being careful.”  Actually applying the stuff is a little bit trickier than we expected; unfortunately the Waterlox beaded up on the third coat, so we’re going to have to sand thoroughly before continuing.  Optimistically, we should be able to gently use our kitchen again within two weeks.

Now, don’t imagine that applying Waterlox took the entire weekend.  Nope, we actually decided to return to an entirely different project – the garage!  Below is a photo of the west side of the garage from two days ago.  We’re essentially using this side as a practice/test area.  Whatever work we do here will have to be repeated for the entire shed section of the garage, which is in even worse condition – if you can believe it.

We began by taking off all of the old siding, which was barely attached to anything.  Then Alex framed in openings for two windows, and reinforced the door frame.  In the meantime, I worked on sanding and re-glazing the old but gorgeous windows that we picked from ReStore for only $5 each!

We went to Home Depot and picked out some decent looking pre-primed composite siding.  I chose a few paint colors to test out on large swaths of siding.  Working late into the evening, we managed to get all of the siding put up.  Tomorrow, we’re going to cut out the window and door openings and get those installed too.  Then we have to chose a final paint color, paint the siding, and then install and paint the window and door trim.  If everything goes smoothly, we should finish this week.

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