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Tackling the Shed

February 6, 2012

With the side of the garage done, and the kitchen almost done-ish, we decided to finally work on the garden shed.  It hadn’t been reinforced like the garage so it had a long way to go.  First things first, some temporary shoring had to go up…

Then the walls had to come down…

Once everything was cleaned up or moved out of the way, the new mudsill and studs went in, plus headers for the new windows and door.

When  the sun set on Sunday, the shed looked like this…

So, we didn’t quite get it finished (the door is just sitting there), but it was a long weekend of very hard work.  Next weekend we should finish with all the framing and hopefully even get siding up.  With the shed done we will have more storage space and be more ready to turn the laundry room into a bathroom!

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