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Tackling the Shed: Week 3

February 23, 2012

Another weekend spent working on the shed.  This weekend we got some windows and the door installed along with all the associated trim, and then painted everything.  It doesn’t look perfect, but…. it’s a shed.  There is still quite a bit of work to do including painting rafter tails and other random bits, cleaning up the roof line, painting the drip cap and, most importantly, supporting the overhang for the shed.

I decided to redesign the supports for the shed overhang, since it has bothered me for a long time.  You might remember that when this all started there was a 4×4 post holding up one side of the overhang, and a sort of storage-closet-thing holding up the other end.  I wanted a cleaner look with no vertical members.  Making this difficult was the fact that whoever made this overhang had basically just slapped it together with whatever they had on hand and hadn’t bothered to extend the rafter tails properly.  So, after tearing off much of the old work, I put up new supports and started making rafter tail extensions.

It is a bit hard to see in the picture below, but to extend the rafter tails I used a lap joint and tie plates with the majority of the weight falling on a new 4×4 cross-beam.  I ended up only getting about halfway finished installing new rafter tails, but once they’re done I will simply have to shim them level and then remove the temporary bracing and screw the roof to the new rafter tails.  I think it will only be a few more weekends of tinkering before the the garage/shed is officially done and over with!

In kitchen news, we are still plugging away at the punch list of minor items left to do.  We installed glass in the cabinet doors and rehung them.  We still have a fair amount of trim work and caulking and paint touch up to do, as well as a whole host of other random stuff.  Maybe it’ll be officially done in a month or two.

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