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Attic Adventures

March 31, 2012

This may have been the most exhausting house project that we’ve tackled to date.   Our attic was insulated with some unidentified, fluffy stuff (not fiberglass), that was probably 90 years old.  The old stuff is shown in the photo below.  To put in new, thicker insulation to get our house up to code, we needed to first remove all of the old insulation – and we’re talking about at least 1000 lbs of material to get rid of…. Ugh.

Since it would have been neigh impossible to remove all of that insulation by hand, we rented a 6.5HP, gas-powered vacuum, plus 100 ft of 6″ to 4″ diameter hose, and 10 huge bags.  Even the seemingly simple task of assembling the hose was stupidly difficult.  (Note: as I took this photo, Alex was yelling at me to stop taking photos and come and help with the damned hose!)

So today, for about 6 hours straight, one of us stood outside supervising the machine – which was incredibly and embarrassingly loud- while the other person was in the attic, balancing on ceiling joists, vacuuming out the insulation.  The photo below shows the six bags that we had filled by the end of the day.  Each one weighs close to 200 lbs, and since the fabric is very thin, they are really hard to move!  We’re going to have to pay our next door neighbor to take them to the dump in his truck, which will probably only fit 2 bags per trip…

… And here is the vacuumed out attic!  It’s going to be a bit chilly in our house at night until the new insulation gets installed.

In other news, the backyard is looking pretty nice!  We’re at that lovely time of year when both the winter-loving weeds and the summer-loving grass coexist, making our entire yard look greenish!  Of course, the landscaping and our new shed helps too 🙂

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