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Last Wall in the Garage is Finished

June 24, 2012

Last weekend we finished up re-siding the last side of our garage; our neighbor’s side.

Below is a photo of Alex in the process of ripping down the old siding.  We were able to get rid of all of the old material (well, most of it…) via craigslist.  Turns out folks will take almost anything off your hands – as long as it is free.

We weren’t able to get any good photos from the outside since our neighbors yard is packed full of fruit trees and rose bushes.  Of course, luck would have it that the rose bushes were planted right against the garage.  The upshot: Alex looked like he’d been attacked by a herd of cats by the end of the weekend.

After the new siding was in place, the inside of the garage didn’t look terribly exciting… the new siding just looks like cardboard from the inside.  Our neighbor has a nice new view though.

In other news, my vegetable garden is going crazy this year!  Maybe it’s thanks to the Miracle Grow that Alex keeps insisting on using…   Nah, can’t be.    Regardless, we’ve harvested multiple gallons bags full of green beans, more zucchini and squash than we can possibly eat, and a few bell peppers so far.   Still to come are tomatoes, okra, and lots more bell peppers!

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