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Deck Building – Week 1

July 18, 2012

Our main focus last weekend was building our deck in the back yard.  We hired a contractor (same person who did the front pillars) to demo the steps to the laundry room and then put in the concrete base supports and the structural beams so that we would have an easy time building the rest of the deck.


Of course nothing is ever quite as easy as it seems.  First off, the siding on the wall of the kitchen had to be replaced before the deck could be built.  So a half day later the wall went from duct tape and random boards to actually looking ok, if dirty. The next step was laying out the joists.  I chose to assemble the deck frame with a combination of structural grade deck screws and galvanized air nails.  The majority of the framing went together pretty quickly, but blocking for stair stringers, bench posts and edge boards took almost as long as the rest of the framing.

By the end of Sunday I had the bench posts in, two edge boards and one stair stringer cut of the dozen required.  So, next weekend I will hopefully get the remaining stair stringers done, and install half of them (the other half will have to wait for the patio so they have somewhere to land) and hopefully get the decking all on.  If I’m feeling particularly efficient I may even get the bench done, who knows!


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