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Front Pillars Update

December 10, 2012



OK, first things first.  I apologize for only writing blog posts every month or so now!  I’m really sorry and I swear I will try to be better in the future.  But the brutal reality of the situation is we are just not working fast enough on the house to have more frequent posts.  This obviously just means we are being lazy and really need to step up our game.  So, with that, this weekend I decided the front pillars needed to finally get worked on some more!

I refinished the old pillar facades which wrap around the new structural posts.  We always try to save old, original parts rather than the (much, much, much) easier route of simply replacing things with new, straight, nice, clean materials.  So after much sanding and patching and filling and painting the facades got nailed up.



The small molding at the top and bottom of the pillars was too dry rotted to even attempt to reuse so it was replaced with new wood.  You might notice a bit of a color difference, that is because the molding was only primed before installation.  There will have to be a bit of caulking and sealing before a final coat of paint goes over everything.  Also, yes, the numbers are crooked, I know.  I taped them up temporarily so that the thai food delivery guy can find our house.  I will get better ones and put them up properly at some point.


So with the pillars done-ish we really need to start thinking about exterior paint…  Someday… Eventually…

In other house news, the doors off the kitchen are going to finally get finished this week (hopefully)!  Which means we can finally install the pantry!  Yay!  Look for updates in the coming weeks.  Oh, who am I kidding.  It is almost christmas we are just going to sit around and drink eggnog.

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