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New Year, Old Projects

January 7, 2013

So, another new year is here, and we are still working on projects that were supposed to be finished already (surprise, surprise).  One of the biggest projects we needed to get finished was sealing the two doors in the kitchen.  The thresholds were never finished and the door jambs never painted.  For one reason or another, we kept not working on this seemingly-little project.  But the truth is, this little project leads to bigger projects.  You see, the plan has always been to make a pantry out of the area in front of the door, next to the fridge.  Since this door faces the door to the back deck with less than eight feet separating the two, it seemed a bit superfluous.

photo 2

This weekend we decided it was time to get the doors off the list of “mostly-completed projects”.  This involved sealing the thresholds and painting the jambs.  The jambs needed a quick sand and then several coats of spar varnish, so Alexandra taped everything off and sanded while I went hunting for varnish.

photo 1

Well, in searching for varnish I found an old can of varnish that I had used on the grill table.  That got me thinking that the grill table sure could use cleaning up and maybe a coat or two of varnish.  So I cleaned up the grill table and realized that it really didn’t just need a coat of varnish, but really was starting to fall apart because it was only held together with air nails.

And that is how the idea of a quick coat of varnish on the grill table turned into a full weekend project: taking the entire table apart, rebuilding it with stainless pocket screws, sanding everything and then re-staining and sealing the whole table.

photo 3

On the plus side, the grill table looks great and will hold together a lot longer now.  But poor Alexandra was left doing all the work on the project we were both supposed to have been working on together.  Oops.


Thankfully, she is awesome, so the doors were both finished and we were ready to “install” our new pantry by Sunday afternoon.

Since the pantry was going to cover the entire door (which is more like a window) we decided to try to disguise it a little by hanging a curtain over the back of the shelving so it would just look like a curtained off door from the outside.

photo 4

Then we stuck the shelving in place and put some stuff on it and what was once a useless door became a handy pantry.  Next up we have to put in a coat rack and a couple other details and this corner will be done.

photo 5

As for the grill, well, it started to rain about mid-day Sunday so I only got two coats of varnish on the grill and I would like to put at least a couple more on the top surface.  So that will have to wait until next weekend.

Other projects?  Well, getting the pantry into the kitchen is part of the grander plan of getting the washroom cleaned out so that we can start tearing that apart to see what needs to be done back there.

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